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JFC Product FAQ

Below are answers to commonly asked questions of your favorite JFC products. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please click here to contact us; all inquiries are answered in the order they are received.

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How do I read the code on my rice bag?

faq-image1For Nishiki rice, you may find coding as 1231F22, the first 3 digits indicate Julian date code, meaning 123rd date of total 365 days in a year. The 4th digit will be the year code. For this case, the rice was milled on May 3rd, 2011.

For Botan rice, you may find coding as 11040, the last 3 digits indicate Julian date code, meaning 40th date of total 365 days a year. The 1st digit will be the year code. For this case, the rice was milled on February 10, 2011.

I found a bug in my rice. What should I do?

Pesticides are used during rice production to control insect infestation. However, since we try to keep the chemicals used to a minimum, when Mother Nature takes its course, some eggs tend to get commingled with rice kernels. Throw high storage temperatures into the mix, and eggs will start to hatch. If you have a bug-infested bag, please bring it back with the proof of purchase to the store and proceed with a refund. JFC International Inc. does not perform refunds; the procedure is done at retail level. However, if you would like to bring the incident up to our attention, please contact our consumer services department.

What is the shelf life of rice?

The recommended shelf life for white rice is 9-12 months from its milled date, and 6-9 months for brown rice.

What is the best way to store rice?

faq-image1 Insect infestation is highly probable through long storage. It is best to store unused rice in an airtight container, and to keep it in a refrigerator or a freezer. It will help deter insects and will prolong shelf life.

I followed the rice cooker instructions on the bag but the result is not satisfying; what should I do?

When original rice cooker instructions were printed on the package, there were only a few varieties available at the time. There are so many more rice cookers available on the market with different technology used, which might alter the outcome if followed the universal method. If you are experiencing different results from you rice cooker, please follow your rice cooker manual to your preference.

Is rice gluten-free? How can I obtain information on your other gluten-free products?

Yes, our rice is milled at a facility that only handles rice products, so there is no risk of cross contamination. If you would like more information on other gluten-free products that JFC International Inc. distributes, please contact us here.

Is my rice Kosher certified?

faq-image1 Yes, rice that is Kosher certified would bear a Kosher logo on the bag; if you are not certain of the status of your rice, please contact us here.

Where can I find more recipes?

You may find more recipes by logging on to our website at WWW.JFC.COM, under "JFC RECIPE FINDER" or you may write to us at JFC International Inc. 7101 E. Slauson Ave. Los Angeles, CA. 90040 Attn:"Consumer Services Department-XXX Recipe Request".