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Perfect Tasting Rice Every Time!
Introducing Musenmai Nishiki and Botan Rice

Traditionally washing rice was necessary to prepare delicious rice. However, a new milling technology has been developed in Japan and introduced here in American.

This new technology produces rice that doesn't require washing. It eliminates the rice bran and residues from the rice grain with no effect to the quality. No rice bran means no washing. Eliminating the rice bran ensures that the cooked rice will retain its color and taste. Now everyone can cook perfect tasting white rice just like a trained Japanese chef.

Convenient and Cost Effective
It is estimated that 3 percent of rice is spilled when washing rice. With Musenmai not a single grain is lost. Washing uses about 15 times more water than the amount of rice cooked. Musenmai conserves water. It is perfect solution to save time and money. The perfect solution for the food industry that cooks rice throughout the day. The perfect answer for busy households.

Environmentally Sound
Since Musenmai doesn't require washing, it eliminates the need to drain the water waste into the sewage system, making it eco-friendly and good for the environment.

JFC International Inc has brought this state-of-the-art technology to the United States and is successfully applying to its top selling rice products, "NISHIKI" and "BOTAN." Look for the Musenmai label at your favorite grocer.

With Musenmai, cooking great tasting Japanese rice is easy as 1-2-3!