JFC’s mission is to increase the distribution of foods from Japan and the rest of Asia. Building on a century of success, JFC today is strategically poised for growth. Every day, we serve growing numbers of Asian-American retail outlets, restaurants, and major North American retailers. And every day, we deliver healthy, safe, high-quality Asian food products across the continent from our strategically located distribution centers. Every day, in every way, JFC is moving to higher ground.

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Supporting Your Restaurant's To-go Menu
The COVID-19 pandemic's impact on our foodservice customers have been hit especially hard. At JFC, we would like to do our best to support by supplying you with the best tools and solutions to assist your business.
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Sake Expert

From sake, soju, and beer to premium spirits, we directly import and export our products throughout the world. Take a look at our wide variety of liquor that we have to offer.

Rice Expert

With roughly 480 million tons of rice being produced globally around the world, JFC is the expert. When it comes to the freshness of the rice being sold on the market today, we ensure nothing but perfect quality when it comes to pleasing our customers.

Nishiki Display Contest

Every year JFC International runs a Nishiki Display Contest for grocery stores in North America. From hundreds of stores, we then select 12 grand prize winners based on their unique display of creativity. We are very excited to share the 12 grand prize displays for this year.

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