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JFC has brands of its own: J-Basket, Dynasty, Wel•Pac and Hapi. Our product lines range from rice, the traditional mainstay of our business, to prepared foods and snacks. Because we’re known for our diverse range of Japanese and Asian specialty foods, JFC is well positioned to take advantage of developing market trends and lead the way in sales and distribution.

is our premium rice brand and it’s extremely versatile and tasty, making it one of the most popular rice brands used by professionals and home cooks. Sushi experts agree that the Nishiki brand line is their number one choice for rice. Our Nishiki brand has expanded beyond medium grain white rice to help consumers explore other types of rice with a brand they can trust.
brand products include the key ingredients required to prepare traditional Japanese dishes while also allowing everyone to explore different types of Asian cuisines. It is the perfect ingredient for both professional and beginner cooks who’d like to get into Asian dishes. Consumers look to the J-Basket brand to begin their journey on Asian cuisines.
is the leading brand of Asian specialty food ingredients sold in supermarkets. As a brand, Dynasty helps ease those that are exploring new kinds of Asian cuisines by providing wide ranges of sauces and canned goods. The Dynasty line includes quality ingredients for Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisines.
is one of the best-known JFC brands with a product line consisting primarily of frozen and dried goods. The Wel•Pac brand provides a range of primary ingredients for traditional Japanese cuisines such as dried seaweed, dried noodles, batter, and many more.
brand includes a broad range of unique Asian snacks such as traditional Japanese rice crackers, flavored peas, chips, sweets, and more.

Vendor Brands

As the Asian-American population grows and North American consumers turn to healthier food, market demand rises for the very products JFC handles. An ever-broadening variety of items must now reach a growing market with speed, efficiency, and consummate service. While our historical focus has been on Japanese food, our expanding portfolio now includes more than 15,000 high-quality products from across Asia, all brought to market with both niche and general-market merchandising expertise.

We represent and distribute a diverse range of Asian food brands, each of which enjoys a loyal following among Asian communities and food lovers in the broader North American market. Here are just a few of the beloved brands that JFC is proud to bring to the global market.

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