About JFC


Strategically Located to Expedite Service

JFC's distribution network has expanded in step with market growth, stretching across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. As demand has grown for our products, our business model has remained true to our guiding philosophy: leveraging our experience, merchandising skills, and technologies to exceed expectations for top-quality products and service.

Map of JFC locations in North America


JFC’s mission is to increase the distribution of foods from Japan and the rest of Asia. Building on a century of success, JFC today is strategically poised for growth. Every day, we serve growing numbers of Asian-American retail outlets, restaurants, and major North American retailers. And every day, we deliver healthy, safe, high-quality Asian food products across the continent from our strategically located distribution centers. Every day, in every way, JFC is moving to higher ground.


JFC is moving to higher ground.

What that means to you, is that we're not just growing sales -we're supporting those sales with end-to-end expansions in logistical capabilities, reaching new heights in accountability, food safety, and on-time deliveries.

We’re not diluting our devotion to top-quality products and service - We are raising those standards to even higher levels of excellence.

We’re not retreating from our century-old heritage in Japanese foods - instead, we're advancing a century-long tradition of bringing fresh new brands and cuisines to the global market.

We're excited about the future of Asian foods. And, we're eager to share that future with you.

Signature of Yoshiyuki Ishigaki, President of JFC

Yoshiyuki Ishigaki, President

Our Philosophy

Quality Merchandising & Good Service

For over a century this simple, understated phrase has guided everyone who works at JFC. It's a promise we make to our vendors and customers, and it reminds us, in our quest for increasing speed and efficiency, that it's how we treat people that makes us successful.

Food Service & Retail Business

JFC draws on over a century of experience to provide expert advice, know-how, and the latest information and techniques for success. All of which has earned us widespread recognition among food service professionals as an industry leader, specialist in Asian food, and valued partner.

Our History

We're proud of our past. But we're even prouder of the future we're developing as we continue growing, innovating, and moving to higher ground.
  1. 1906
    Dupont Company is established as an importer of Japanese foods
  2. 1911
    Dupont Company becomes Pacific Trading Company
  3. 1916
    Pacific Trading Company establishes branch office in Tokyo
  4. 1928
    Pacific Trading Company, Tokyo, becomes an independent company
  5. 1942
    Modern Food is established
  6. 1948
    Pacific Mutual Sales is established
  7. 1958
    Pacific Mutual Sales merges with Modern Food to become Japan Food Corporation
  8. 1969
    Japan Food Corporation joins the Kikkoman group
  9. 1977
    Hapi Products, Inc. is established
  10. 1978
    Japan Food Corporation becomes JFC International Inc.
  11. 1988
    JFC headquarters and San Francisco branch relocated to South San Francisco
  12. 1990
    Japan Food (Hawaii), Inc. joins JFC group
  13. 1997
    JFC de México is established in Mexico City, Mexico
  14. 2001
    Japan Food Canada, Inc. becomes a JFC subsidiary
  15. 2008
    JFC International Inc. moves its headquarters and distribution center to Los Angeles
  16. 2013
    Pacific Trading Japan is renamed JFC Japan