Food Service & Retail Business

JFC draws on over a century of experience to provide expert advice, know-how, and the latest information and techniques for success, all of which has earned us a widespread recognition among food service professionals as an industry leader, specializing in Asian food, and as a valued partner. The key to our success in sales support is from harnessing individual passion to a coordinated strategy. We promote our products to businesses and consumers, developing promotional tools such as developing new recipes and social media marketing. In addition to posting recipes on our website, we actively participate in trade shows, educational in-store cooking demonstrations, and local events such as food donation programs with our valued partners. Aside from our sales support, our merchandising innovations include "All-in-Package" seminars for restaurateurs that provide all necessary food materials, as well as recipes and cooking know-how.

Retail Business

As a specialist in Asian food, JFC focuses on the two markets that show the most promise: the ever-growing Asian-American market, and the enormous general North American market. Both are fiercely competitive, and a distributor must constantly strive for speed, efficiency, and nimble strategic thinking. Our sales force works aggressively in both markets, dividing its sales channels into four categories:


Our in-depth knowledge helps restaurants maintain adequate inventory and respond quickly to demand, whether stock is room-temperature, refrigerated, or frozen. At the same time, our advanced, highly efficient network enables frequent deliveries and responsive customer care. It's no wonder restaurants across the country rely on JFC for top-quality products and service.

Asian Grocers

There's no doubt that our success owes much to the growth and expansion of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean markets. But today, consumers are more likely than ever to shop at both Asian and general market grocers. They seek better quality and healthier, more authentic food products, wherever they can find them. A distributor like JFC, with over 15,000 products, can help Asian grocers develop effective strategies to win and retain future business.

Mainstream Supermarkets and Mass Merchandisers

Among general U.S. supermarkets and mass merchandisers, JFC is recognized as a pioneer in the distribution of Asian food products. That long history of dependability has helped us expand our business with major retailers throughout North America. Today, JFC serves as Asian Food Category Advisor to about 5,000 Walmart stores, Vendor Partner to about 2,200 Safeway stores, and Leading Vendor to about 2,600 Kroger stores.

Military Market

JFC has historical ties to U.S. armed services around the world. By supplying this market, JFC can introduce its fine products to consumers with Asian ethnic backgrounds, as well as to consumers with little prior exposure to Asian food.