Below are answers to commonly asked questions of your favorite JFC products. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.

How do I read the code on my rice bag?
What is the shelf life of rice?
I found a bug in my rice. What should I do?
What is the best way to store rice?
Is rice gluten-free? How can I obtain information on your other gluten-free products?
Is my rice kosher certified?
Where can I find more recipes?
I bought frozen noodles and the package says microwaveable. Can I microwave the noodles inside the package?
The item I bought was in the refrigerated section, but the package has, “keep frozen”.
I found some mold on refrigerated items in the store.
I used to buy Hime and JFC brand products and I can’t find them anymore.
Why does the food I bought now have a warning?
Why Am I Being Shown a Warning?
Are all of your rice imported from Japan?
Does Brown Rice contain arsenic?
Is Botan Rice Enriched or Fortified?
There are so many rice varieties, which one should I use?
I saw that you sell Haiga Rice and it has rice germ in it. Should I be concerned about it?
What Noodles are safe for my kids with allergies?
Does the Nishiki Rice come in contact with any allergens?
Do you export to countries other than where your office is located?
Do you sell your products directly to consumers?
As a consumer, how can I get a refund or replacement for my defective items?
May I tour your warehouse to see what products you have for sale?
I’d like to sell our products, how do I contact your purchasing manager?
Can we purchase any of your products online?
Why should I purchase from JFC International?
What does JFC International sell?
Do you have seasonal merchandise / products?
Do you sell your products by the piece?