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Chinese Braised Pork Belly


Cook Time: 50 minutes

Prep Time: 10 minutes

  • 1 Tbsp. vegetable oil
  • 2 lbs lean pork belly, cubed
  • 1/4 cup Kikkoman Soy Sauce
  • 1/8 cup dark soy sauce
  • 3 Tbsp. brown sugar
  • 3/4 cup rice wine
  • 1/2 tsp Dynasty Chinese Five Spices Powder
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 1 3/4 cups water more if needed
  • 5-6 red potatoes cubed
  • Cooked Nishiki premium Rice, for serving
  • bok choy, steamed
  • J-Basket Roasted Black and white sesame seeds, for garnish
  1. Heat a Dutch oven or pot with vegetable oil over medium high heat. Add sliced pork belly. Sear on both sides for a few minutes.
  2. Add Kikkoman Soy Sauce, dark soy sauce, brown sugar, rice wine, five spice powder, garlic, water, and red potatoes. Add more water if needed to submerge at least 4/5 of the items. Bring to a boil. Lower heat to medium low, cover and cook for 50 minutes. Check halfway through, stir, and add more water if the liquid is drying out. Remove from heat.
  3. Serve with rice, steamed bok choy and garnished with sesame seeds. Enjoy!

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